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Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd is the first independent investment adviser in Malaysia. It has been described as "one of the country's most iconoclastic and critical research outfits".

Since our inception in 1988, we have remained totally independent and have been providing objective advice on Stockmarkets and Economies through i Capital.

The i Capital newsletter is its flagship product. It has been around since 1989.

In 2002, www.icapital.biz, the online version of i Capital was launched.

In October 2005, icapital.biz Berhad, a RM140 million Close-End Fund was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. This fund is managed by Capital Dynamics Asset Management Sdn Bhd and advised by Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd.

In 2006, Capital Dynamics achieved a major milestone when it established Capital Dynamics (S) Pte Limited in Singapore, its platform for global investing. With this, it became the first Asian-owned fund manager to invest worldwide.

In July 2007, Capital Dynamics (S) Pte Ltd launched the i Capital Global Fund.

Capital Dynamics continues to expand with Capital Dynamics (Australia) Ltd incorporated in 2008. Also a global fund manager, it aims to provide investors with access to our proven investment success.

In July 2009, Capital Dynamics (Australia) Ltd launched the i Capital International Value Fund targeting at retail investors.

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9 Reasons why i Capital is Different   

1. A Humble Claim
We do not claim to be 100% accurate. We are certainly not. What the i Capital aims to achieve is contained in the following advice:

Why does Buffett place great emphasis on having a sound framework? His own experience at the beginning of his investing career was not much different from most of ours. Like most of us, he had to learn the hard way as he "was spending a lot of time at a brokerage office... following various stocks. But he didn't have a system for investing - or if he did, it was haphazard. He would study the charts, he would listen to tips. But he didn't have a framework. He was searching."

2. A Sound Framework
So, instead of pretending that we can be 100% accurate, i Capital provides investors with a sound framework. What is our investing framework? It is built upon very comprehensive analysis.

To arrive at our advice and recommendations, we analyse foreign economies and stock markets, interest and inflation rates, bonds and commodity markets, market psychology, in addition to the local environment. i Capital provides a clear perspective of how markets interact and how this interaction influences your investment. It translates the significance of events and interprets them in terms of the market. We study PE ratios or Return on equity or Wilder's RSI, for example. But we are neither chart fanatics nor pure fundamentalists.

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3. We are Independent
Are you tired of getting investment advice and analysis that is filled with conflicts of interest, false claims, hidden agenda and biased?

In an environment where objective analysis and advice is becoming as rare, i Capital certainly stands out. Why? Capital Dynamics, the first independent Investment adviser in Malaysia, publishes iCapital. Unlike others that claim to provide objective advice, Capital Dynamics has remained totally independent since its inception in 1989. Unlike others, we are not associated with any financial institutions, large corporations or government organisations. Capital Dynamics is neither a department nor a subsidiary nor an associate of a bigger company. Our efforts are concentrated on providing the best possible investment advice.Our focus is clear.

i Capital serves only its subscribers, therefore we are completely loyal to them. Our income comes from subscribers - who pay for performance and results. In every issue, we intentionally carry no advertisements and we intentionally do not solicit for any.

Due to our corporate structure, we are able to provide objective advice and analysis - without fear or favour.

For advice that is based on independence, intelligence and integrity, there is only i Capital.

4. Read us Anywhere
Since 1989, i Capital has been available in a printed edition with the Internet edition available in 2002. It is the only investment advisery service that is available in print and online.

5. We are Bilingual
While others have falsely claimed to be the first or the only adviser to provide investment advice in English and Chinese, i Capital has been available in both languages since 1989.

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6. We Are Naked
Take a look at the current stock recommendations of the other analysts or investment advisers. Do you see the date and market price when a particular stock was first rated as a buy? None. Then, take a look at our current ratings. In i Capital, we hide nothing, whether the beautiful or the ugly. For stocks where we have rated a Buy and a Sell, we have a separate list of such recommendations, which is freely available.

7. Appropriate Asset Allocations
Every issue of i Capital provides asset allocation, a topic that is very often overlooked by investors to their own detriment. Why? No investor has the ability to consistently predict the top and the bottom of the stock market. An appropriate asset allocation recognises this weakness in timing buy and sell decisions. As a result, having the right asset allocation can be an important factor in determining one's investment performance.

8. Trading made simple
i Capital has 3 regular portfolios to suit different investment objectives and time horizons. All the investor has to do is to follow precisely the actions taken by the relevant portfolio. Investing and trading cannot be more simple.

9. Precise Definitions
Precise and consistent definitions of immediate, short, medium and long-term are given and used in i Capital. In fact, the same definitions have been in use since the very first issue of i Capital in 1989.

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